Birth Month Flower of June - The Rose

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Birth Month Flower of June - The Rose
The rose has symbolic root in many legends and poems throughout time. In one Roman legend, an angered goddess transforms a beautiful woman into a rose. Rodanthe, the beautiful woman, was chased by many men who wanted to win her love and hand in marriage. The men were actually so overcame by her beauty and her indecisiveness that they broke down the door to her home in pursuit of her. Diane, a goddess was angered by their actions to the point where she transformed Rodanthe into a rose and her suitors into the rose's thorns. Like this legend, many poems have been written to represent love as a rose and the roses thorns as obstacles overcame, or to be overcome, in love.
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Rose petals have strong, aromatic scents. Using rose petals has made some of the most romantic perfumes. Roses also make excellent potpourri. Its scent can liven any room.

More important uses of roses are representing love to someone special. Roses are a traditional gift for Valentines Day, Anniversaries and first dates. Roses characterize love eternally, and roses of different colors can take on extra romantic meanings.

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