Using a Tree Branch as an Anchor for Hanging Christmas Garlands

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Using a Tree Branch as an Anchor for Hanging Christmas Garlands

Christmas decorations are beautiful and set the tone for an entire season. However if you have stone mantels, rent or just don’t want to put a hole in a new wall or fireplace, how can you hang decorations without using nails or hooks which leave holes? The answer is as simple as picking up sticks in your back yard.

Build a Tree Branch Anchor

Instead of using nails or hooks to anchor your garland and decorations, place a branch or bundle of small branches on the mantel and attach garlands and other decorations directly to the branch. The branch should be heavy enough to securely hold your decorations and will not leave holes in your walls or mantel.

To start, clean and cut or break branches to a length slightly shorter than the mantel. If you use several small branches, securely tie them together in several places. Place the branch on the mantel and you're ready for the next step of attaching the garland to the branch.

Secure the Garland Around the Branch

Take your garland and either wrap it around the branch in several places, or use wire or string to tie it to the branch.

Make Your Garland Shine with Christmas Trim

Select decorations that blend with your Christmas and home décor. With an artificial garland, the garland itself is wired and may be used to twist and hold decorations. With a fresh garland you will need to insert picks or wire individual decorations to the garland.

Have a happy, merry and bright Christmas and always remember if you use your fireplace keep ALL decorations away from flames and extreme heat. Now let’s decorate!

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