The terms "Interflora", "Teleflora", and "FTD", as used on this web site refer to independent, national and/or international companies that 1st in Flowers does business with to ensure quality, prompt delivery of fresh floral arrangements and gifts for you. Our access to multiple floral delivery systems is what allows us to offer you a large selection of floral gifts at our every day low prices.

* The terms "Interflora", "FTD" and "Teleflora" are registered in the US as marks on behalf of Interflora, Inc. (MI), Florists Transworld Delivery, Inc. (MI) and Teleflora LLC (CA), respectively, and in some other countries by these companies and/or a multiplicity of other companies. Neither Pugh's Florist & Gifts nor 1st in Flowers! claims any ownership rights to any of these terms but uses them in referring to florists or delivery systems that are affiliated with one or more of these companies or these companies' respective national and/or international network of florists and/or in referring to products designed by these companies and/or their affiliates. There is no express or implied endorsement by these companies.